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Attract butterflies to your garden with this colourful mix of flowers abundant in nectar. Please bare in mind butterflies lay their eggs on juicy vegetables and other non poisonous plants. This is so the young caterpillars have something to eat when they emerge from their pupa stage. This mix is for the wildlife enthusiast with a wild flower feel to their garden space or perhaps a large garden rather than the home vegetable gardener.  


Varieties in this seed mix:

Yarrow - Achillèe Millefeuille Blanche/ Cornflower - Centaurea Cyanus/ Shasta Daisy - Chrys. Maximum Shasta Daisy/ Tickseed - Coreopsis/ Cosmos - Cosmos bipinnatus/ Yellow Cosmos - Cosmos Suphureus Variè/ Sweet William - Dianthis barbatus/ Morning Glory - Belle de jour Variè/ Perennial Flax - Linum perenne/ Rocket Candytuft - Thlaspi blanc/ Zinnia mixed- Zinnia Lilliput snow Variè/ Calendula– Calendula officinalis.        

All these plants like full sun. Sow outdoors from mid May.

Butterfly Flower Mix

  • Each seed packet is hand painted. Inside is a planting guide on recommended months to sow the seeds, transplant them out and then when they should be ready to harvest. I have added the wildlife benefits for growing sunflowers. The artwork can be cut out and sent as a postcard. 

    The packet is made from 100% post consumer manila card waste. 

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