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 We infuse as many ingredients from the gardens we grow at into the skincare products. As Sōlseed grows so will more ingredients be grown to infuse into the skincare product range. 

Sōlseed's skincare range is hand crafted, using the finest and most ethically sustainable ingredients available. All our ingredients are 100% organic and have fair trade policies in place. 100% Cruelty Free. Mostly Vegan, organic beeswax is used in some of the products. No synthetic fragrances - instead a blend of complimentary essential oils are used for fragrance and their special super powers for skin health. Absolutely no palm oil is used - not even a sustainable source would we consider. No SLS or SLES's. No artificial colours. Basically no nasties at all. And the best part is a little goes along way with these products cutting down on packaging waste and pocket money. 

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