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" We will continue to create the other world we are sowing - seed by seed, inch by inch of soil, person by person, community by community - until all of this planet is embraced in one circle of resurgent life and resurgent love. We will not give up."       Vandana Shiva 

Founder of Sōlseed

 "My journey so far on this planet has been anything less than a wild ride. I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and so I fell into Hospitality and spent much of two decades as a Chef and travelled the world. The day came when my health and lifestyle choices made me re-assess my dreams and my choices. On this inner journey Sōlfood and Sōlseed was born. I needed to be part of the solution to humans being in balance with nature and so I began to step into the changes needed as I truly believe we need to be the change if anything is going to change. Sōlfood was a natural bridge as I started veering away from hospitality and into the meditation of gardening and growing healthy food. I have always loved being creative and cooking certainly provided this canvas but now I create by painting and designing the seed packets and cards. I developed the organic skincare range for myself to start experimenting with infusing plant material in oils and so the skincare range naturally flourished. But essentially seeds are where everything began and it is an honour to be part of this extraordinary journey of growing plants - from seed until seed again." 


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