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This is truly a delicious sweetcorn. Grown in companionship with the 3 sisters; Corn, Climbing Beans and Squash. 

Dig a deep hole with plenty of compost and plant the corn plant, a climbing bean seed or seedling and a squash seedling. The beans grow up the corn stem whilst providing nitrogen to both the corn and the squash plants. The squash acts as a living mulch and stops evaporation and weed growth. This is perfect symbiosis. 

Height: 2m     Days to germination: 7-14 days 

Sowing: Indoors in pots from February. Re-pot as required. Outdoors from late April – May when the soil temperature is above 12c. 

Light preference: Full sun. Soil requirements: Rich with compost as corn is a heavy feeder. 

Spacing: 20-30cm between the seedlings. Staggered or in lines at 60-80cm apart.

Harvest: When the cornsilk starts to brown. Pick one and see if the kernels are yellow and not too golden or too light. Only save seed if you are sure there are no other corn varieties being planted around you. A minimum of 40 plants are needed for pollination. Which is in each packet of seeds. 

Bantam Sweetcorn

  • Each seed packet is hand painted. Inside is a planting guide on recommended months to sow the seeds, transplant them out and then when they should be ready to harvest. I have added the wildlife benefits for growing sunflowers. The artwork can be cut out and sent as a postcard. 

    The packet is made from 100% post consumer manila card waste. 

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