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Coriander is a culinary herb used in both Asian and Central American cuisine. Its flavour is completely unique and many dishes wouldn’t be the same without this most fragrant herb. 

Height: 30cm or 1ft                            Days to germination: 7-20 days 

Sowing: Indoors in pots all year round in sunny warm position. Outdoors from late April/May to August. Be careful to not disturb the roots too much if/when transplanting. An easy fast grower once it takes root. 

Light preference: Sunny but as the days get hotter coriander tends to bolt.

Soil requirements: Light, well-drained soil. 

Spacing: 8”- 12” 

Harvest: Keep cutting as needed. Bolts easily. Plant successionally every 3-4 weeks. 

Wildlife Benefits: The delicate white flowers are a favourite food for hoverflies, lady bugs and other beneficial insects.

Coriander Seeds - Slow Bolt

  • Each seed packet is hand painted. Inside is a planting guide on recommended months to sow the seeds, transplant them out and then when they should be ready to harvest. I have added the wildlife benefits for growing sunflowers. The artwork can be cut out and sent as a postcard. 

    The packet is made from 100% post consumer manila card waste. 

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