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Radishes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and are  fast growing. Within weeks you will get to harvest these gorgeous red, cherry shaped beauties.  


Root size: Small to medium, deep red, globe shaped tuber roots.  

Days to germination: Germination can take just a few days and will be ready for harvest in as little as three weeks. Sow successionally for a continuous harvest. 

Sowing: Sow seeds direct into the growing site from March until September. 

Light preference: Full sun but part shade works too.  

Soil requirements: Most well drained soil types are fine. 

Spacing: Make a 2 cm deep trough and plant each seed roughly 10cm apart. 

Harvest: Pick young when crisp and juicy.

Cherry Belle Radish Seeds

  • Each seed packet is hand painted. Inside is a planting guide on recommended months to sow the seeds, transplant them out and then when they should be ready to harvest. I have added the wildlife benefits for growing sunflowers. The artwork can be cut out and sent as a postcard. 

    The packet is made from 100% post consumer manila card waste. 

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