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Taking Root

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The forests and the trees of the planet have been in my thoughts more than usual. Their roots they send out to find a footing to live out their lives. It is either a favourable place or it isn’t and only if it is, is there growth. Some choose the most challenging places far from their

matriarchal tree tribe and others choose to stay nestled in amongst their tree canopy, held and supported by the mycelium network they know through their cellular coding.

Like all seeds – the conditions need to feel like home.

For me learning to live somewhere that's not my original home is a slow dance between grief

and growth. It has been a choice to move but the ache of displacement can be so tough, the

rhythm of life feels off-beat. In the beginning even grocery stores are obstacle

courses, searching for fruit, spices or anything familiar that smells, tastes or whispers a

fragrance of home. Loneliness creeps in, a constant reminder of the laughter and connections left behind. It's the dance of holding onto cherished memories and wanting to relive them, but then reminding oneself to turn one’s face into the present moment and embrace the unfamiliar for there is no future in the past.

Over the many years that I have lived away from my African home I have learnt that it's

about finding pockets of comfort – the friendly cashier who remembers your name; that

bakery with its delicious croissants; the park down the road that I walk through, filled with

flowers – these are the becoming of the finest of threads weaving a new sense of


It's a slow process, akin to nurturing a seed in unfamiliar soil. The ache for what once was

might never truly disappear, but this yearning to be rooting in the land ones known since birthsoftens with time. It transforms into a bittersweet hum, a testament to the resilience it took to be brave through the loneliness and have courage to say yes even when it was all so scary.

The melody of Cornwall has certainly drawn me to her soil. I have found my dance here. I

have found safety, love, healing and deep peace here. I have met some of the most beautiful

and authentic people with great passion. Every day is inspiring in some way. And like the

melody drifting from a busker on the street corner, inviting exploration, I too am being called

to listen for this new rhythm as it blends and transforms the drumbeat of my heart.

With new friendships and connections, a tapestry of life threads me into its community and

my roots take roost and footings ever deeper and sturdier.

Taking this moment in recognition of the strength it’s taking me to build a new home, a home away from home as I venture on my life’s journey.

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