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February is the month associated with romance.

Overtly dominated by Valentine’s Day and commercalised at every turn. For a celebration that is all about love – it is often responsible for making singles feel lonely. Lovers feel obligated and it generally has little to do with love. Love in its purest form should be freely given and reciprocated. Without being allocated just one day a year. You may think that seeds have nothing to do with love, but consider that every beautiful flower was once just a humble seed. With care and nurture, and the right conditions these tiny seeds can become roses, lilies, orchids and even humble dandelions. Beautiful to look at flowers are often gifted to people because of their colours, fragrant perfumes and ability to cheer up a drab room.

Flowers are gifted to the sick, given to the grieving to show empathy and offered to the graves of the departed as a mark of respect. They are given on special occasions to brighten up a room, and can also convey more than words – like “Sorry” or “I love you!”

Solseed believes growing plants is the Universe's way of teaching us to respect the planet, most especially the plant kingdom. It is important to invest in any plant that you grow, as you may find that a bit of research and care will mean better results in the long run.

Many people assume that once you buy a pot plant from a nursery or shop, it will remain in that pristine condition forever. Sadly the truth is – like any living entity it needs attention.

Once it was considered completely bonkers to talk to your plants and encourage them to grow. But science has shown that plants that get attention (Including positive words) are more likely to thrive, bloom and reproduce.

Solseed seeds come with detailed instructions to turn your seeds into living plants. Other seed packets may offer some basic instructions but any google search will give you a comprehensive guide to growing your plant.

Some plants thrive in a sunny spot, while others prefer a moist and shady environment. Like humans – plants are pretty individualistic. A friend of mine once said that humans should learn to grow plants before they are allowed to have pets or babies.

Plants are the least demanding and most rewarding – and still many of them end up withered and neglected. All they need is water, attention, a little trimming and love. Give it a go - even if you are caught in the act of whispering words of encouragement … “grow … little plant … grow “. Magic happens.

Unlike the romantically fickle human species, plants never reject you, cheat on you or make unrealistic demands. If you would like to plant the seeds of love this year … give a person you love a gift that will symbolise a commitment to caring and nurturing enduring relationships.

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