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Sōlseed is an artisanal business that grows, saves and sells organically grown seeds in unique hand-painted seed envelopes. Sōlseed also has an organic skincare range. Using as many homegrown products as possible. These products are handmade infusing plant materials in oils for their skin benefits. Both the Seed packets and the Skincare products make really wonderful gifts along with a hand-painted gift card. All the packaging used is eco-friendly, biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, refillable or has added value. 

“Your Sensitive Face Serum is the BOMB! I gave two friends bottles as gifts and they love it too. I use it everyday. It lifts me up every morning when I put it on my face. "

Gabi Ruef - Switzerland 

“I simply love Sōlseeds! The packaging is a gift in itself and then you open it up to find a multitude of seeds. All my plantings have produced beautiful strong plants. Thank you Sōlseed.  ”

Clare Lynch - Cornwall. U.K.

"Sōlseed's body butter feels like caressing my body with an all encompassing unconditional love."

Antoinette McInnes - South Africa



All these seed packets are individually hand painted. The seeds are grown organically. We grow as many of the varieties as possible but some are grown by reputable organically certified seed company's. Each packet is made from 100% post consumer waste. They are recyclable and the artwork can be cut out and sent as a postcard adding a unique quality. They make great gifts and are admired by many art loving gardeners'. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-11 at 22.28_edited.jpg
Sōlseed skincare product range


Sōlseed's skincare range was born from a bumper crop of calendula flowers that grew one year. We picked the petals and infused them in organic coconut oil. Intuitively wanting to create a range of skincare that uses as many home grown ingredients as possible. All the ingredients we need to bring in are organically grown and fair traded. 


Sōlseed's Journey 

Sōlseed's journey began in 2015, in South Africa. Sōlseed was the sister company to Sōlfood, a plant-based vegetarian Catering and Cooking demonstration company based in South Africa. Erica, the founder of both these companies realised, after many years of being a Chef, that good food started with nutritious produce and nutritious produce starts with strong open pollinated seed. Our seeds are primarily grown in Cornwall, UK. We grow organically using a blend of Natural Agriculture and Permaculture methods but mainly with lots of love for the seeds, the soil, the sun, the rain, the flowers, the bees, butterflies and the whole beautiful process.

wild flowers that can be found in seeds from Solseed.
Sōlseed owner, Erica Brown, holding a sunflower

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